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My Approach to Teaching

As instructor, I strive to continuously learn how to best meet the needs of my changing and diverse body of students. Being sensitive to my students' backgrounds and unique journeys, I try to pick up and support students where they are whether they come from groups historically underrepresented in higher education, identify as first-gen, or just balance education and life's other curveballs. Through backward design and student-centered syllabi, I want to create courses and lessons that are clearly structured, have transparent learning objectives, and ultimately contribute to educational equity. We all learn differently. I combine both synchronous and asynchronous methods, focus heavily on formative assessments and offer flexibility through choose-your-own-adventure assignments to accommodate diverse learning styles.


For instructors and graduate students finding their own approaches to teaching: Click here if you'd like to learn more about backward course design, formative assessments, choose-your-own-adventure, or equitable and evidence-based teaching. I also care deeply about academic integrity and offering students agency in their own assessments has shown to reduce incentives for integrity violations, especially in the age of artificial intelligence and language processing tools.

Teaching Experience

As Instructor of Record

  • Insurgency and Terrorism (POLI 142L)

    • ​Winter 2025. UCSD.​ Syllabus coming soon.

  • International Security (POLS 494)

  • Crisis Areas in World Politics (POLI 142P)

    • Summer 2023, 2024. UCSD. Syllabus.

  • Politics of Warfare (POLI 142K)

    • ​Summer 2023, 2024. UCSD. Syllabus.

As Teaching Assistant

Political Methodology

  • (G) Quantitative Methods III.

       Spring 2024, Spring 2023, Spring 2022. UCSD/GPS.

  • (G) Quantitative Methods II.

       Winter 2024, Winter 2023, Winter 2022. UCSD/GPS. 

  • ​(G) Quantitative Methods I.

       Fall 2022, Fall 2021. UCSD/GPS. 

  • (G) Math Camp for Incoming Graduate Students

        Summer 2022. UCSD/GPS.

  • (U) Political Inquiry (POLI 30D)

       Winter 2021, Spring 2021. UCSD. 

  • (G) Intermediate Research Methods.

       WS18/19. IDC.

  • (U) Research Methods.

       SS17 & WS17/18 & WS18/19. IDC.

International Relations & Conflict (IR/CP)

  • (U) Introduction to International Relations (POLI 12D)

       Fall 2023. UCSD.

  • (U) Crisis Areas in World Politics (POLI 142P)

       Summer 2020, Summer 2022. UCSD.

  • (U) Politics and Warfare (POLI 142K)

       Summer 2020. UCSD.

  • (U) Economics, Politics and International Change (INTL102)

       Fall 2020.​ UCSD.

  • (U) US Foreign Policy (POLI 142A)

       Winter 2020, Summer 2022. UCSD. 

  • (U) Politics of Immigration (POLI 150A)

       Spring 2020. UCSD.

  • (U) ​National Security Strategy (POLI 142J)

       Fall 2019. UCSD.

  • (U) Civil War and Ethnic Conflict

       WS17/18. IDC. Co-taught.

  • (U) The Geopolitics of Energy in the Gulf

       WS17/18. IDC.

  • (G) International Mediation

       WS18/19. IDC. Co-taught.

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