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Teaching Experience

Instructor of Record

I have designed and served as instructor of record for the following courses at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and the University of San Diego (USD):

  • International Security (POLS 494)

       Spring 2023. USD.

  • Crisis Areas in World Politics (POLI 142P)

       Summer 2023. UCSD.

  • Politics of Warfare (POLI 142K)

       Summer 2023. UCSD.


I have served as the Graduate Student Instructor for the following courses at the University of California San Diego, the School for Global Policy and Strategy (GPS), and the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliyah (IDC, now Reichman University):

Political Methodology

  • (G) Math Camp for Incoming Graduate Students

        Summer 2022. UCSD/GPS.

  • (G) Quantitative Methods III.

       Spring 2023, Spring 2022. UCSD/GPS.

  • (G) Quantitative Methods II.

       Winter 2023, Winter 2022. UCSD/GPS. 

  • (G) Quantitative Methods I.

       Fall 2022, Fall 2021. UCSD/GPS. 

  • (U) Political Inquiry (POLI 30D)

       Winter 2021, Spring 2021. UCSD. 

  • (G) Intermediate Research Methods.

       WS18/19. IDC.

  • (U) Research Methods.

       SS17 & WS17/18 & WS18/19. IDC.

International Relations & Conflict

  • (U) Introduction to International Relations (POLI 12D)

       Fall 2023. UCSD.

  • (U) Crisis Areas in World Politics (POLI 142P)

       Summer 2020, Summer 2022. UCSD.

  • (U) Politics and Warfare (POLI 142K)

       Summer 2020. UCSD.

  • (U) Economics, Politics and International Change (INTL102)

       Fall 2020.​ UCSD.

  • (U) US Foreign Policy (POLI 142A)

       Winter 2020, Summer 2022. UCSD. 

  • (U) Politics of Immigration (POLI 150A)

       Spring 2020. UCSD.

  • (U) ​National Security Strategy (POLI 142J)

       Fall 2019. UCSD.

  • (U) Civil War and Ethnic Conflict

       WS17/18. IDC. Co-taught.

  • (U) The Geopolitics of Energy in the Gulf

       WS17/18. IDC.

  • (G) International Mediation

       WS18/19. IDC. Co-taught.

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